New Year, New Portal

By Justin Simpson | 24 January 2022

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New Year, New Portal

As we enter 2022, we are pleased to announce the launch of Enhance’s upgraded Client Portal. The first version of the portal was launched a year ago, and, as mentioned here was considered a beta version and we are proud to have reached the milestone of providing clients with access to interactive functionality with Mosaic, our proprietary software.

Feedback from clients, coupled with our development observations, has led to the enhancements captured by this update. In this blog, I’d like to provide an insight into some of the new and updated functionality.


The updated dashboard provides additional functionality across most components (tiles), allowing for a more efficient overview of the quarterly review process. Client users can now filter relevant portfolios by most components including:

  • Portfolio reviews awaiting data, being analysed and complete, or
  • By portfolio rating, or
  • By investment management provider, etc

Filtering on one or more metrics reduces the table of portfolios at the foot of the dashboard (see the second screenshot below) – although existing users will know that the entire layout of the page can be customised to suit individual preferences.

Dashboard 1

Dashboard 2


We have enhanced the ‘Return & Risk Analytics’ component options when reviewing an individual portfolio. Key changes include the introduction of more time periods for analysing the results of a portfolio and its benchmarks. Statistics can be calculated from the inception of the portfolio, provided we have the historic data.

The Risk Table has been streamlined into a single component, maintaining many metrics that can be added to the table through the interactive ‘Metrics’ drop-down menu.


Consolidated Portfolios

In the screenshot below, you can see that the Structure Chart is clearly presented with updated functionality including the use of tooltips i.e. information displayed on the hover of the mouse cursor over any one of the portfolio boxes in the ‘Portfolio Structure’ component.

Consolidated 1


The Resources section has improved the functionality and user experience when creating or managing any user-created resources. These resources act as website favourites, allowing a client to curate a list of the most relevant investment-related web pages. We maintain a central list of resources that we believe will benefit most users, so this functionality enables customisation.

We will continually provide additional content and functionality to this area of the Client Portal.

Resources 1

Resources 2

Design Update

Following on from the brand refresh that Enhance implemented in March 2021, we have incorporated the updated design visuals and assets into the new Client Portal.

Our thanks go once again to Taylor Thomas for their excellent work bringing the brand assets (courtesy of, and thanks as well to Potting Shed) to life. At Enhance we take design seriously and, given we work within our proprietary application Mosaic day-in and day-out, we want to use an application that is pleasant to work with. The same is true for our Client Portal users who now also benefit from Mosaic.  

Finally, I’d like to thank the development team for their work on implementing the various designs, scoping out client feedback and of course the numerous activities associated with the testing and feedback forums.

Upcoming Changes

Over the next few quarters, we have two notable updates to the Client Portal; I will leave the details for future blog posts so keep your eyes peeled. In brief:

  • We will be changing how we link portfolios to Client Portal users – improving the visibility of all portfolios, and
  • we will be introducing detailed permissions per user of the Client Portal – a data security enhancement primarily

Please contact if you would like to get a demonstration of the Client Portal, or indeed if you have any questions.