Spotlight on: Raoul Harris

By Enhance Group | 31 January 2022

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At Enhance we are committed to attracting, nurturing and retaining talent; our team underpins our commitment to be the leading provider of investment oversight to the professional advisor sector.

Every quarter we will turn the spotlight on one of the team. Next up: Raoul Harris. 

Raoul is Automation Manager at Enhance Group. He works in close cooperation with our data team on both our Monitoring and Advisory (Consultancy and Portfolio) services.

This newly-created role at Enhance sees Raoul responsible for improving automation across the business, with a particular focus on automating data feeds from key counter-parties such as investment management businesses, banks, custodians and administration systems. He actively manages MFT (managed file transfer) processes, along with normalisation and validation processes. Over time, Raoul will work to implement ‘big data’ research initiatives to ensure that the business benefits from the large - and increasing - volume of data being processed.

Raoul joined the firm at the beginning of 2021, having spent five years as Data Manager at the Government of Jersey, and two years as Treasury Finance Analyst at HSBC formerly.

His colourful credentials include a Degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of London, and a second Master’s Degree, in Statistics, from the University of Southampton. Raoul also holds the regarded Alteryx Designer Advanced qualification, and is a CFA Exam Level II candidate.

Raoul can be contacted by email at the link below.