Rise Of The Machines

By Tom Wiseman | 11 April 2024

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'Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower'  – Steve Jobs

Never have I been more excited about Enhance and our direction of travel. The first quarter of 2024 yielded the largest and most significant upgrade to our Mosaic software yet, the release of EMAP+. We think it's game changing.
EMAP+ is our new proprietary framework for monitoring and reviewing investment portfolios. It combines independent analysis of the return and risk characteristics of a portfolio, with an assessment of its holdings versus the investment policy or mandate in place with the manager. This is where we are different.
The investment industry is rife with reporting on portfolios that is framed favourably for the investment manager and displays data in a way that is confusing to non-investment professionals. A sceptic might say this is purposeful, but at the very least it is unhelpful to asset owners and their advisers who simply want to know if their investment manager is performing in line with reasonable expectations and has achieved that performance in compliance with the mandate.
At Enhance, we aim to cut through this noise for Fiduciaries and have built the EMAP+ framework to evaluate investment portfolios clearly, concisely and comprehensibly. Using a combination of proprietary algorithms, statistical computation, data science and artificial intelligence, we can now apply a broad range of checks and balances to the portfolios we monitor and deliver tailored commentaries and actionable insights that our clients can understand.
One of our core values is innovation and EMAP+ is the greatest example of this value coming to life in Enhance's near 20-year history. By investing heavily in our technology we can now deliver cost-effective yet comprehensive investment oversight and advice through our Monitoring, Portfolio and Consultancy services. 'Rise of the Machines' is perhaps a little sensationalist as all our services are supported by highly qualified investment and operational professionals, but we are embracing technology to make what we offer more timely, efficient and detailed.
EMAP+ will be utilised across all our services, meaning that we apply the same rigorous evaluation framework on the investments we actively advise on. This demonstrates our commitment to transparency and accountability, clearly showing whether the investment managers and products we have recommended are performing better or worse than investments Fiduciaries have placed with third-parties directly. This will keep us on our toes and hold Enhance accountable to the same standards and outcomes we demand from the rest of the industry.
In other Enhance news, we were delighted to welcome Simon Pinckney to the team as a Senior Investment Consultant in March. Simon is based in London and has almost 40 years of industry experience in broking and investment management, so is well placed to look after our UK-nexus advice clients and be a valuable addition to our Investment Committee. Simon will be introduced to clients and professional connections in the months ahead and will be previewed in a Spotlight piece on our website and social channels later in April.
As ever, the Enhance team have travelled far and wide in Q1 with multiple meetings undertaken in Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Geneva, Zurich and London. The natural appetite for our services in Switzerland has spiked due to FINMA regulation of Fiduciaries, so we expect to spend a considerable amount of time in this part of the world in 2024. One of our Directors, Simon Finch, covers the region and will be there multiple times a quarter for the balance of the year as we onboard new clients into our Monitoring service. 
Our attention in Q2 turns to refining the EMAP+ framework in a live environment, upgrading our Client Portal to reflect the considerable associated changes and developing a Bookkeeping service. The latter is intrinsically linked to our Eco-System Partner status with TrustQuay, which we will begin to market in earnest in Q2 and beyond. There really is a lot going on and the team are working incredibly hard to deliver the innovation and services that we believe that Fiducairies require. 
There will be lots of exciting updates to follow as a consequence of the EMAP+ launch, so please keep an eye on our website and social channels for more information. Please do also reach out to me or a member of the team if you'd like to discuss EMAP+ in more detail.

Thank you all, sincerely.