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By Enhance Group | 05 August 2021

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As Enhance emerges from life under restrictions, the firm continues to evolve fast and has been busy adding more talent to its staff roster.

Enhance’s ever-growing development team, who are blazing a trail with the firm’s proprietary FinTech platform, Mosaic, welcomed Will Flemmer last month.

Will, who recently graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Civil Engineering, has joined the team as a junior developer.

Will first encountered software development during his degree, which included several computer programming modules. Subsequently, Will taught himself the basics of coding in the Python programming language. Since then, he has undertaken an array of personal coding projects including a self-playing (and self-improving) video game, and a programme to book paddle tennis courts. 

Like all Python developers, Will took an interest in Artificial Intelligence and formed his dissertation around this topic. The report, titled “A Review of Machine Learning in the Construction Industry,” reviews the issues facing machine learning in the construction industry. The report also looked into several case studies where machine learning had been successfully implemented and the reasons behind the success. The key finding was that many of the common issues are avoided if you outsource machine learning instead of trying to do it in-house.

Alongside his thesis, Will did some part-time work for a startup in London in his final year of university. During the project, he built the backend of their web application using AWS Amplify, a service offered by Amazon Web Services to rapidly build web and mobile applications.

Will explains: “With minimal setup, Amplify builds a database and generates APIs that let you interact with it. You can then plugin the user authentication service, Cognito, to be able to authenticate users. This can all be done in around 15 minutes. It’s an incredible IaaS solution and integrates with all of AWS’ other services.”

As a junior developer at Enhance, Will’s day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Adding new features to the mosaic system
  • Writing clean, sustainable code
  • Refactoring (re-writing code) that does not meet specified coding standards
  • Reviewing code written by other developers
  • Contributing ideas to improve the development process

When asked how Will feels about joining Enhance, he says: “I’m excited to start work and look forward to seeing how a proper development team works. I’m also eager to develop my technical skills and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from Jamie and the rest of the team.”

Jamie Le Brun, Software Development Manager at Enhance, adds: “At Enhance we are committed to attracting, nurturing and retaining talent; we are very pleased to have Will on board.”

Watch this space for more news from the tech team soon.