Blazing a trail in 2021

By Tom Wiseman | 07 January 2021

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As we wave goodbye to 2020 it is easy to look back on last year with a sense of good riddance. A truly unique period in modern history; throughout the year I frequently referenced the socio-economic impacts of the pandemic and the personal and professional challenges it presented. This note will not reflect further on the pandemic but, instead, look forward to 2021 and Enhance’s continuing evolution as a Fintech business.

Following the successful launch of our new proprietary software Mosaic in April last year, I am pleased to report that, in Q4, we have been actively rolling out our Client Portal to the fiduciaries, family offices and charities we look after around the world. Introduced in my Q3 note, the Client Portal is a ‘game changer’ for Enhance and our clients, providing interactive access to our investment monitoring capabilities via a cloud-based portal optimised for use on any web browser. 

Secured by multi-factor authentication, sophisticated user permissioning and best-in-class application protection provided by Sqreen, the Client Portal is our clients’ personalised window into Mosaic and delivers management information alongside individual and consolidated investment account dashboards and reports. It is a true investment oversight hub for global intermediaries that we will custom integrate with our clients’ administration software on request. 

Alongside rolling out our Client Portal, we will continue to build flexibility and complexity into Mosaic’s investment analytics engine. Our reports are already fully customisable and can be white labelled at no additional cost, so our focus now turns to developing new ways to profile and assess the returns, risks and holdings of investment portfolios. Our roadmap for 2021 includes multi-layer asset allocation, contribution, ESG, crypto and private asset analytics. 

New analytics modules will complement the imminent release of our investment restrictions technology. This functionality enables Enhance to programmatically test the return, risk and holdings of each portfolio against the parameters of the investment policy statement or management agreement in place with an investment provider. Restrictions are customisable to a near infinite scope, with the resulting breaches identified by Mosaic surfaced as Action Points in each review cycle and administered centrally via our Client Portal.

We will also be introducing a significant upgrade to Mosaic’s benchmarking capabilities through data partnerships with Morningstar, Lipper and MPI. This will provide our clients with access to over 15,000 market indices and peer groups across all major asset classes. Through our new benchmark builder we can add multiple benchmarks to each investment account we monitor, including custom composites and target returns, and surface these in reports and online.

With so much already slated for delivery in 2021, including a new digital identity and strategy, our Fintech evolution continues at pace and will increasingly differentiate Enhance from our competitors. We feel that we are already disrupting our industry and look forward to delivering new solutions to our clients in 2021 that optimise investment performance, risk management and operational efficiency. You can expect to hear much more from, and about, our business in the year ahead.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to our clients for their continued support and to the many firms we are actively talking to about our proposition. We exist to serve and hope that the significant investment we continue to make into our business ensures that we are an unrivalled partner for investment monitoring and advice services. 

Best wishes, personally and professionally, for the year ahead, and I sincerely hope to be able to see many of you in person in 2021.